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 Sarah McGonigle

From primarily working in watercolour for over ten years, last year I changed focus to create a more expressive and abstract style, featuring mixed media and acrylics. 

This year I am once again exploring fine detailed botanical studies as my fascination with the natural world remains strong. Some of my newest paintings are a response to texture, materials, light and colour, collaborating both intricate watercolour details alongside a more expressive style.


Hannah McGonigle

I primarily work using fine line pen which enables me to explore subjects on a miniature scale. I also experiment with textiles and tend not to focus on the final outcome of my piece, but the experience whilst creating it. I like the idea of my work evolving throughout the process of creating it.

Most of my portfolio is inspired by the natural world. The idea that people can interpret each of my pieces in their own way and see different things within them is the basis of my creations.


 Shane Swann

I have been making art for most of my life, my work has constantly evolved over the years, enabling me to experiment with a variety of media and subject matter. In 2011 I began drawing local wildlife and farm animals, developing my trademark style (I use pen, pencil, and acrylic paint to create intricate illustrations). However a few years later, when researching information for a drawing of the extinct British wolf, I came across a long list of other UK animals which had be eradicated due to human activity. This inspired the beginning of an ongoing, continuously evolving series of art, that focuses on the impact we as human beings have on the natural world. I feel highlighting and promoting awareness about these issues is important, and creating art is an effective way to connect with people.

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